Why Stick-Station’s Gelato Bars? – for business owners

If you want to stop losing money and wasting big portion of your products,
Gelato by Stick Station is the best solution for you.

We know what you are suffering from.

Quality on ice cream

Regular ice cream contains higher sugar , fat and air ( overrun) level and add more Butter Milk and egg yolks.

Solution – Our gelato products contain very lower level of sugar, fat, air(overrun) level No Butter milk added and Egg-Free And we only use premium grade ingredients.

Frosting issue

As soon as you open or peel off the cover sheets to serve or make desserts, ice cream and commercial gelato in buckets or containers will start to crystalize from top to side and middle. Then ice cream will lose smooth textures due to exposures to air.
Imagine how often a server will move in and out from the freezer, and also open the tray and close.

Solution – Our gelato bars are individually pre-pack and sealed one by one. It will prevent air to go in our expose it to open air.

Frosting issue solved – free and risk-free for serving awful condition desserts to customer .

Wasting issue

We supply reliable freezer that will keep them in lower temperature and keep all products are best condition and quality.

Waste issue solved – For those reasons in above, most of business owners are losing so much of products due to open air. One business can lose around 8-15% of product, and sometimes losing whole pan or bucket, I have seen some owners still selling poor quality and air exposed and frosted products. Would you be happy when you are served with frosted and icy quality ice cream or gelato? Stick Station will only supply products with reliable freezer that keep them in appropriated lower temperature and keep all products are best condition and good quality. So, it will be totally ‘waste -free’ unless you unplug the freezer!

Shelf Life

Other competitors or supermarket’s pre-pack products can stay in good condition for about 5 days to 15 days and it will be without frosted icy textures.

Solution – Stick Station’s gelato bars can stay minimum 60 days ~ over 200 days in freezer without sacrificing the quality. No Preservatives.

Overall, Gelato is a tasty treat and a trendy product in US market and
“it’s time to serve something better like no others!”

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