Hi to all Gelato lovers!!

My name is Brandon Choi and I am the owner and CEO of Gelato by Stick Station. I have been working over 15 years since my early 20’s in restaurants and related businesses. In 2012, I found myself dreaming and jumping into a new business concept that was in ice cream industry and I’ve started training in making ice cream and gelato from academy in USA.

And soon after that, I left to city of Bologna in Italy to complete my passion and studied all professional gelato courses. After I came from my studies, I’d spent 2 more years in training and internshipping under master dessert chefs and testing my new skills.

During my training period in Italy, I’ve got inspired by a ‘Gelato bar’ that was serving on the special designed paper tray with variety toppings. So I’ve decided to open new business with ‘Gelato Bars’ along with traditional gelato scoops as well.

In 2015, I filed and received a Patent rights on Paper Tray. Design Patent was approved from US Patent office.

Opened first flagship store city of Pasadena CA in 2014 in the heart of Old Town area.

Awarded as ‘Best gelato in town!’ from magazine called VoyageLA , Weekly Pasadena and other local Medias .

During 3 years business in Pasadena I tried an learned how to sell pre-packed gelato to local gourmet restaurants and stores. However, I realized few problems and fixed it to my satisfaction. I found my methods to make a perfect solutions for owners who are running gourmet restaurants, cafes, indoor shopping mall, etc. It was an instant success those who were having problems.

In 2018, I have expanded my business to adapt more of wholesale business to increase my supply channel and retail channels. With successes from Pasadena store and testing new flavors, I was able to find a bigger space with a store front along with gelato factory warehouse to increase quality and quantity of my ‘Gelato bars’ and scoops. This move to new location has opened up more chance to serve my handmade premium gelato more people.

Contact! 213-500-5141